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Last night I dreamed it was Christmas Eve and I hadn't updated my blog since February. Do you think my subconscious might be trying to tell me something? I wrote an entire informative, hilarious and frankly legendary post for today, and then something was wrong with Chrome, and I promptly lost it forever when I hit publish, so let's make a long story short. I've started creating one Pinterest pin a week, and I'm going to try to share what I make with you every week, in hopes of getting back into the habit of posting regularly. A few of you have stuck with me loyally despite the fact that I now go a month plus without making so much as a peep. Truly, I am an ungrateful jackass. Let me make it up to you. This week's crafts are all peg people. Here in Canada, you can get wooden pegs from Lee Valley for around a quarter each. The deals are better in the States, but we have free health care, so let's call it a draw. First up, my peg superheroes. These