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Oh No! One-Oh!

Well, it seems I'm down to posting here only when someone has a birthday, so maybe just expect to hear from me four times a year now. I'm kidding! I have so much to share, I don't know where to start. I just need an extra six hours in my day, and I'll be right back to daily blogging! But onto the main point. Today is Firstborn's tenth birthday. TEN! Where does the time go? If life carries on at this pace, I'll be dead in no time! Here we are minutes after he was born. Notice the Captain is nowhere to be found. He was somewhere far away having fun with the army. So for those first few months, it was me and Firstborn against the world. As you can see, his wayward father did not go completely ignored in all of this. My mother made Firstborn his very own army uniform, complete with an ID patch on the jacket. I believe his rank was "QT Cadet". Whatever else you might say about my mother, she knows her military hierarchy. Flash forward a d