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Week (or so) in Review

Life continues to truck along around here. The snow is finally all gone, and has been promptly replaced with equal amounts of rain. But I'm British, so this is fine with me. I have an impressive collection of Wellington boots, and all my hobbies involve staying indoors until the weather looks better anyway. Thanks to Debra at She Who Seeks for the really fun Tin Foil Hat contest. Anakin thoroughly enjoyed participating. If I'd planned this properly, I'd have pulled back a little and turned that Elizabethan Collar around the right way, but of course, I got two shots off in rapid succession before the entire get-up was shredded and lying on the floor. Like kids, cats don't appreciate a thing you do for them. Most of what's on my TV these days is the NHL playoffs, so I decided to make old Hubs a pair of lucky socks. I've wanted to knit socks for years but wasn't confident I could pull it off. Any time I've ever seen anyone working on socks, I'

Autism Awareness

I've been active (if you could really call it that) with my local autism support group for a couple of years now. I am technically listed on the executive board as "Secretary". The fact that I had to type that word using two fingers is a little ironic. And I have done nothing remotely involving paperwork since I started with the group, nor do I dare touch any of the finances. My role has actually been a little closer to "Chief Crafter", occasionally dragging my eldest, tech-iest child along for some help with tasks that involve the computer. As today is World Autism Awareness Day, and as I'm already starting to backslide on my blog, I thought I'd share a few of the crafts I've come up with to hopefully sell at our local fundraising walk this summer. Most of these can be made with less than a buck's worth of dollar store or ebay items. The most expensive item (the bookmark) still comes in at well under $2.  Faux suede cord and clasps from