Week (or so) in Review

Life continues to truck along around here. The snow is finally all gone, and has been promptly replaced with equal amounts of rain. But I'm British, so this is fine with me. I have an impressive collection of Wellington boots, and all my hobbies involve staying indoors until the weather looks better anyway.

Thanks to Debra at She Who Seeks for the really fun Tin Foil Hat contest. Anakin thoroughly enjoyed participating.

If I'd planned this properly, I'd have pulled back a little and turned that Elizabethan Collar around the right way, but of course, I got two shots off in rapid succession before the entire get-up was shredded and lying on the floor. Like kids, cats don't appreciate a thing you do for them.

Most of what's on my TV these days is the NHL playoffs, so I decided to make old Hubs a pair of lucky socks. I've wanted to knit socks for years but wasn't confident I could pull it off. Any time I've ever seen anyone working on socks, I've had my head cocked to the side like a confused dog because I can't see how on earth you'd work something that looks like this:

Turns out, this isn't complicated at all, and I should have tried it years ago. I finished the last sock just as the Leafs scored their second goal last night, so it looks like they might already be working. Time will tell. The real miracle is that they actually fit.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me lately is my order from bookoutlet.ca. Truly, there is little in life more thrilling than sitting down with a cup of tea and opening up a big box of books you got online at a deep discount. Here's a sample of my haul:

Knitting, vegetarian cooking, and meditation. I'm in for another good week!

I was also very excited to find a knitting book that turned my head a few times way back in the 90's, when book shopping still happened in an actual store:

"Classic" knitting patterns from Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and all sorts of other high-end designers. This will surely be the knitting book that turns me into the town fashion icon, right?

Uhhhh...perhaps not. Literally every 90's-style sweater in this book is wide enough to fit two of me, but short enough you'd have no choice but to look at my bare midriff. And at my age, this is not a place any of us wants to go. Still, a fun read at a great price. And now I know exactly what my superhero costume will look like as soon as I can find a radioactive gorilla to bite me.

Wishing everyone out there a happy and chocolate-soaked Easter weekend!


Oh, I just know the Leafs will go all the way to the Stanley Cup now that you've knitted those Lucky Sox! Go Leafs Go!

Sir Anakin had QUITE the fan club going among my blog readers, I must say. Thanks so much for participating!

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