The $lump Continue$

I'm still not feeling the blogging muse. I fear I've run out of things to say! But I'll give it a little more time. The sun is said to be coming out tomorrow and we'll be having some double-digit temperatures (for my American friends, that means we might hit 60--woo hoo!). It's sure to improve my mindset and concentration. I hope so, because lately all I've wanted to do is bake cakes. Blogging is much better for my waistline.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Anakin making himself right at home:

It's really no wonder I can't get my "S" key to work properly.

And since my last post, we've had less snow in our area, and an awful lot of flooding. We're lucky to be high enough that our basement has remained dry and intact, unlike many houses around these parts. But we haven't escaped the water entirely.

This is a picture of my kids having fun at the lake. Oh wait. No, that's not the lake. That's our VEGETABLE PATCH! Spring in Manitoba is always a grand adventure.

But of course there's also a bright side. This week, I decided the communal black wellies (3 sizes too big for me so they'd fit the Captain too) were no longer going to cut it, and I ordered myself a pair of these.

Bring on the mud puddles!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. And to those who don't, enjoy your weekend. Off to check the lottery numbers!


I hear you about the blogging slump but I cannot hear your weather report...blah blah blah.... I'm glad I am staying longer at my Florida home plus working full time makes the decision a lot easier and I'll be back by Labor Day to return to my job. Our weather in southwest Florida is well I don't believe you want to hear it. Life is good. Have a great weekend. Jude
Linda said…
I love those boots!

And that is quite the flood you have in your veggie garden. But, that means the snow is going, right? And spring is coming, right?

As my father says, if you want May flowers, you have to have the April showers. Hang in there.

(we are just above freezing right now and expecting a windy rain later today, sigh)
Unknown said…
That is a super great picture of your boys! Anakin is so adorable! I am envious of your fancy boots! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend! :)
I was thinking about you and your flooding this week - well, you and Manitoba generally! Glad to hear the house is safe, and the vegetables are well watered.

Loving the wellies! Can never be too stylish when in mud.

Have a great (choccie and cake filled) weekend.

Anakin - shoo - the master needs her muse.
So funny that blogging is good for your waistline. It's hindering mine. I'm sitting and moveing about.

Happy Easter!
You need to get out more!!!
Go on an adventure, picnic, walk on the beach anything can be blog inspiration!
Stay dry! I hope the Easter Bunny can swim.
Sandra said…
Oh so you're out in the country where the flooding is occuring? I'm glad to hear you're high enough to avoid any damage. My son's school was supposed to go sandbagging last Tuesday but it got cancelled because they were told it wasn't required...??? Leave it to Manitoba to wait until the damage is done. Hope you stay dry and hope we do get those double digits!
Glenda said…
With two young boys in the house, I know you will never run out of anything to talk about! You're just in a little slump. Once the sun comes out and you can baske in the rays a little, you will be better and be your regular chatty cathy self in no time. Never, never give up on blogging!
Laural Out Loud said…
I LOVE those boots! We haven't had a need for waterproof boots in San Diego until this year, so my dream of being able to buy a super cute pair might just come true! I also miss scarves, mittens and hats, and if we continue with our lower winter temps, I might be able to get some of those, too! You must be laughing at me now, lol.

The water in the garden must be super good for it- I remember reading about how flooding is great for rejuvinating the soil. Is that true?
Janine said…
HI!! I hope you had a great Easter! I haven't been blogging much either! NO TIME!! And our weather sucks too! Rain and cold and damp! Make room in your oven for one more head!
I just told my neighbors 2 days ago that I still need to get rubber boots for my yard!!! They were telling me about the places that I could get "girly" ones, because if I have to wear them, they'd better be cute! Our backyard is always a big puddle in the Springtime after the snow melts and the torrential rains begin. Stop by sometime and you can check out the Mud pics of Jaycee! Can you believe you're going to have a veggie garden in that spot sometime soon. . . hopefully.
Rebecca Flys said…
Weather like this makes me see the snarky in everyone around me.

It doesn't help having two daughters whose menstrual cycles and mine intertwine. We're all ready to scratch the eyes off of kittens and it's too rainy or cold to do anything yet.

I took some good pics today though!
Cheers to you up there!
Dimple said…
Those boots should do the trick! Nothing like having boots that fit!
Angela said…
you just take your time with blogging. : )

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