The Inconvenient, the "Talk", and the Oscars

My stupid engine light is on again. I'm 90% sure it's just the same minor problem that set it off last summer, but the 10% of me that expects the car to suddenly blow up halfway down the highway won't let me skip taking it in. So now I have to try to work that around RB's therapy.

I also have to work a dental appointment or two around therapy. Turns out, if you have a special needs kid out here who may not lay willingly in a dentist's chair with his mouth open for an exam, you have to do a 4-hour round-trip to see a pediatric dentist at the children's hospital who can put him under general anaesthetic. But first you have to do that same 4-hour trip for a "consultation". If it wasn't for the abundance of thrift stores in the city, I'd probably just give the kid a popsicle and a spoonful of tylenol, and pull all his teeth myself.
That recent discussion Firstborn and I had on feline reproduction should've served as a warning of what was to come. Today, on the way home from the grocery store (which is really so much better than still being IN the grocery store), he asked me point-blank to explain exactly how babies get into their moms' tummies. I started with my usual references to the stuff he already knows, and when he asked me to clarify a few points, I did. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, there was a full five minutes of hysterical laughter when he learned which body parts are involved.

I know not everyone thinks it's okay to teach this stuff to a 7 year-old, but I tend to follow the logic that if he's old enough to ask, he's old enough to know--within reason, of course. I learned how reproduction works by overhearing some girls at school talking about it when I was TEN. That's not a diss on my parents or on the school system. Back then, lots of kids asked that question of the grownups in their lives and got a smirk and a "never you mind!" just like I did. I'm sure my grandparents' generation wasn't even allowed to ask such a shocking question at all. But five years of teaching human sexuality to giggling, clueless 12 year-olds really drove home for me the need not to carry that age-old shame and embarrassment into the future. When my kid asks me a question--any question--he will get a respectful, straightforward answer, not a brush-off that makes him feel like he did something stupid by asking.

For those concerned though, rest assured we also had a serious talk about him not passing this information on to anyone else at school. Because being the mom in our small town who inadvertently "educated" the entire second grade is NOT what I'm hoping to be remembered for...
And finally, I am setting aside my Royal Wedding Fever this week and embracing Oscar Fever! I have to admit, before Sunday, I had only seen one of the films nominated, and that was Toy Story 3. Technically, that's one more than I'd seen by the time the Oscars rolled around last year, and watching an awards show when you don't know a thing about any of the content is pretty boring. So I'm taking this week to bone up a little.

The first film I watched (and anyone who knows me will already have guessed) was The King's Speech. Period fashion, fascinating story, characters you root for right to the bitter end, and Colin Firth with a smattering of Guy Pearce. What's NOT to love about this movie?! I already know that no matter how good the other films are, I want this one to win. More importantly, I want Colin Firth to win. And also to announce in his acceptance speech that I'm the woman of his dreams. It's really not that much to ask.

Last night, I watched Black Swan. It was melodramatic and visually gorgeous--right up my alley! The acting was impressive, the writing certainly competent. It didn't stay with me afterwards like The King's Speech did, but in its own way it packed a hearty punch. I'd recommend it to a friend.

Tonight, I'm hoping my kids will settle down early so I can see The Social Network. I realize at this point that I'm not going to be able to see every film nominated, but at least I'll have a clue who a few of the actors are when they walk down the red carpet on Sunday. More importantly, it's good to see some great film.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. We're over the hump!


Kim said…
you should watch Inception (I think that was nominated??) sooooooo good!
Linda said…
I'm looking forward to watching The King's Speech too. My husband and daughter liked Inception, but I didn't get into it. That may have been because I was reading at the same time though! :)
Glenda said…
I have not seen The Social Network, but I have seen "The King's Speech and Black Swan. I loved The King's Speech. I think it is the best I have seen for awhile now. Sounds like we have the same taste.
I think it's ok to have that talk when he asks....he didnt ask about sex, he asked how babies get in there. A very valid question when you think about it lol.
I've got my fingers crossed for Colin Firth too!
Dimple said…
I agree that if a child is old enough to ask a question, then he is old enough to know the answer. But it can sometimes lead to hysterics! :-)
Stephanie Faris said…
My sister and brother-in-law believe in being honest with their kids about delicate matters. I still can't say certain things around kids but my brother-in-law embraces it fully.
I've had several of those talks with my two - keep it simple but truthful is my motto!

Kings Speech was a feel-good movie, I liked it very much so Colin can go up and win for all of us! And yes, Inception was very good but needs much concentration so it can not be a 9pm-settle-down-to-watch-it for me as I'm too tired by then!
Unknown said…
Your preparations for Oscar night sound like fun! I watched Inception with my husband the other night, I liked it, he didn't care for it so much.

I believe in being honest with my kids when they ask questions too. I have had the "talk" with both my kids. I have to giggle though, when my daughter exclaims that she is adopting her kids because there is no way that she is going through THAT (pregnancy and delivery)!
I probably won't even watch the Oscars. Good idea watching the movies though! Is that THIS Sunday? I have too many other things to do before then! So far none of our kids have asked specifically how babies get in there. I know a friend who just told their kids that it's a "special kind of hug" that mommies and daddies do.
Of course, that could confuse a kid for life if they think hugging does it! LOL I didn't even think about that. I'm sure we've told our kids anything yet.

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