A Little Dusty

I hope no one's feeling ignored by my absence from your blogs. I'm getting a little behind here, and this is the reason:

My dining room ceiling is FINALLY sanded. Well, at least the first layer is. It's clear I'm going to have to slap another layer up there and sand that too before I can start the priming and painting. What's also clear is that the Captain is going to be buying me a new pair of shoes for leaving me to tackle this on my own. Expensive ones!

Tonight, I'm going to scrub all the drywall dust off me, have a cup of tea and relax in front of the TV. Tomorrow, I'm going blog-hopping.

See you all soon!


That job is not one that I would tackle! I give you 2 thumbs up for tackling that job!!! Hope you enjoyed you tea and putting your feet up.

Along with expensive shoes you should also request a day at the spa! Have a great day! Jude
Stephanie Faris said…
YAY. That's some hard work!
You are Woman! Hear You Roar!
Glenda said…
Whew, I don't think I every did anything so ambitious! I think you need a whole lot more than shoes! Maybe a new dress and handbag and hilights for your hair too!
Linda said…
Huzzah for you! That is a massive achievement and I know exactly what it took to get it done. Halfway there, just another coat to go, then on to paint.

I must say, our room upstairs has a few wavy surfaces, where I decided it was "good enough" and not really a public place. We think it adds character. :)

You have inspired me to get going and paint trim today- I have it all taped off and ready to go, just needed a boost. Thanks. (I guess)
Unknown said…
Wow! That is awesome! What a great picture of you too! I hope that you enjoyed your tea and TV! :)
Loking lovely dahlink! Well done you - hope you can breathe easy today after all that dust. I'm painting the basement for my long weekend!
You rock! I can't believe you're doing that by yourself! We understand the absence. And your time is probably much better spent.
Have a good weekend!

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