The vegetable garden is done for another year!

The last thing I had to harvest was the crop of huckleberries. We'd never grown them before, but the Captain likes to try something new every year, and these berries grew like nobody's business! It took me a good 2 1/2 hours to pick them, and I came in with purple hands and purple-stained khaki pants. I'm still not sure how the majority of the stains ended up on my butt. Anyway, here's a shot of what we ended up with:

To keep them from spoiling, I canned 12 quarts of them in water and turned the rest into jam. I'm told they can be used like blueberries (they're related), but I'm finding the taste a little...earthy. Anyone got any good uses for huckleberries? I have a feeling we'll be eating a lot of them this winter.


I didn't even know they are a real berry! What about pies? Tarts? Sauce? Loaves?
Unknown said…
That's a ton of berries! Muffins might be nice.
I've never had a huckleberry but from your description of the taste, they sound tart like saskatoons. I know that saskatoons are best in pies and jam.
Linda said…
My son likes blueberry pancakes and my daughter and parents love their blueberry muffins. I think huckleberrys have more flavor than blueberries- (unless they are wild Maine blueberries).
Glenda said…
I've never been exposed to Huckleberries! But I do love Blue Berries! Looks like you made a haul. I probably would have frozen some for muffins and pancakes. But of course the canned ones would work the same as frozen.
Janine said…
Go to Anna Wight's site. She has a recipe for Huckleberry Bounce.
Anonymous said…
I'm thinking bread or muffins. Yum!
Melanie said…
swampwenchesCatching up on my blog reads love the random thoughts- feel free to post your true feelings over by me anytime - that way you get it all out, and it stays away from any concerned eyes!!

Happy no pants - what a wonderful accomplishment!

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