Happiness 101

Let's try this again, shall we?

A big thanks to Debra at She Who Seeks for giving me this lovely award:

I'm kind of lousy at passing these things on because I spend two hours deciding who to give it to and then another hour linking to them all, and then none of my laundry gets done and my kids ask why they haven't been fed. But I do love to participate, and for this one I have to list 10 things that make me happy. That I can do!

1. Skin care. I decided recently that because I can't possibly have expensive clothes or fancy furniture and expect any of it to stay clean or in good repair, I can at the very least take better care of my skin. I've treated myself to some Mary Kay products, which for a cheapskate like me is pricey, but very nice. And I counter that expense with a few budget-friendly techniques as well. Did you know that if you take regular old baby oil and slather yourself in it from head to toe right before taking a shower, it leaves your skin noticeably softer? When I'm 90, all the toothless old men at the nursing home will be flocking to my wheelchair, telling me I don't look a day over 76 and fighting over who gets to join me for a game of shuffleboard. That makes me happy.

2. The animals are getting along!

Here they are sharing in some mischief. The dogs pull the dirty frying pan off the counter and they all get in there and lick it clean for me. And when they do fight, the cat usually wins!

3. Beautiful weather.

Rosemary's Baby and I went out to enjoy some summer temperatures this afternoon. He tried to climb the hay bales and then we had a bit of a walk around the trees that surround our house. I got some great shots!

4. Crafts.
I've signed up for a table at the Christmas craft sale in town this year. I'm scrambling to get things made, but it's really got me thinking creatively for the first time in a long while.

5. Pumpkins.
Years ago, the Captain and I were walking down the street and I veered off with no warning towards a shop window. There was a painting displayed there of a pile of pumpkins. I should've gone in and bought it but I didn't. Now, every year, we grow a buzzilion pumpkins in the garden and I make pies and breads and pancakes and pumpkin seeds. It's how I know fall has arrived.

6. My kids. Firstborn came home today and told me he accosted his Science teacher at lunch to tell her he really liked her class. Rosemary's Baby took an entire bottle of my aforementioned baby oil the other day, emptied it into the bathtub, stripped himself naked from the waist down and spent the next 20 minutes sliding around in there, laughing like a hyena. How could this stuff NOT make me happy?

7. Reading. Books, magazines, catalogues (which technically don't count as meaningful reading!). I'm not picky. A cup of tea, a few quiet minutes and something to read--happiness!!

8. A long drive all by myself--just me and the radio!

9. Flavoured coffee first thing in the morning.

10. De-cluttering. I cleaned out the kids' playroom two weeks ago and bagged up all the toys they never actually play with. They haven't noticed anything is missing yet!

If any of you out there want to post 10 things that make you happy, feel free to grab this award and say I gave it to you!


Great list of things that make you happy!

FYI, my entire skin care regime consists of slathering some Jergen's hand lotion on my face after showering. Yup, I'm a slave to beauty.
Dimple said…
Got a wonderful mental picture of your boy sliding around in the bathtub laughing, that made me happy too!
Beautiful earrings!

I love your list. I especially love the slippery baby in the baby-oil bathtub. (Say that 3 times!)
Glenda said…
We have a lot in common, you and I! I love most of the things you mentioned!I did the baby oil thing for a number of years and then decided that risking falling in the shower (from slippery feet) just wasn't worth the effort! I'm fixing to be 61 and the wrinkles abound, however, I earned each and every one and I wear them proudly! I'm to the point where I look in the mirror and do not recognize the woman there....she sort of looks like my mother! Glad you are getting to be a little crafty. Love those earrings!
Unknown said…
That is a great list! I love the picture of your kitten and dogs! That's a fabulous photo of your son! Awesome earrings!
I enjoyed reading this post so much and getting to know you a little better. One thing REALLY caught my attention...Rosemary's baby? I had to make sure I was reading it correctly. You are too funny!

I also enjoy the long drives alone. Ahhhh....peace and quiet.
Love the picture with kitty and dog. Hope you enjoy your MaryKay products. I've been a MK fan for many years and love their stuff. My best friend is a MK consultant so whenever I'm tired of what I have she comes over and we play with her stuff. Good luck with your craft time. Love the color of the earrings. Catch you later, Jude
Stephanie Faris said…
Congrats on your award. Dogs and cats aren't supposed to get along like that!
Janine said…
Hey Wendy!! You and me both!! I have been a very bad blogger!!
SO much to do for Thanksgiving this weekend. I think I am on top of it though!!
Have a fabulous thankful weekend!!
laterg8r said…
love those earrings - you will sell out for sure :D

thanks for visiting me during my babymoon :D
Cindy said…
Cute blog title :)

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