Guess Where You End Up If You Google "Crazy Woman"?!

I've made a new discovery!

Okay, the Captain made it for me, but it's cool just the same.

For a while now, I've been telling him that no one is actually reading this stuff, aside from my small-but-faithful band of followers (does anyone else HATE that term? When I use it, I feel like the kooky leader of one of those "religions" where you have to cut ties with your loved ones and hand over all your banking information). And I don't mean that in a complainy way. It's just been my argument when he's raised an eyebrow at me for publicly describing all those terribly shocking items about him (What?! He's messy?! We argue sometimes?! Crazy!!). So, to prove me wrong, he set me up with something called a stat counter. And, oh my, is it ever awesome!!

For those who don't know about this (and, let's be honest, I'm probably the last to know), my stat counter keeps track of how many hits my blog gets in a day, and it shows me a map of where in the world they came from. It turns out I'm pretty big in the U.S.

What I want to know is, how are random first-time visitors finding me? What do you have to be googling in Melbourne, or Berlin, or San Diego to end up loading the page of some woman of dubious sanity in the middle of the Canadian prairies?!

Regardless, it's kind of fun to know that there are people out there checking me out. As much as I started this to try to have some record of every insane thought that pops into my head during the day, I also kind of like the idea that other people are interested to hear it.

Of course, it could all be a fluke. Perhaps people are legitimately searching for "poop murals", "blue bathrooms" (yes, I've included yet another photo), or "Tom Cruise" and load my page thinking they might find something informative. If that's the case, I guess I should issue a public apology, for you will never find anything even remotely helpful here. Unless you're doing a case study on the mental and emotional effects of stay-at-home motherhood, first-time rural living, or military madness. And realistically, how many people are doing that?

So, despite the pressure to be interesting, I'm kind of stoked to be getting a few hits every day, and even though I barely passed geography in school, I've gained a newfound interest in map-reading. Because, unlike in high school geography, the map I'm reading now is all about ME!

And when you really think about it, isn't that the real point of blogging? To want to talk non-stop about yourself, no matter how uninteresting you actually are, is kind of a side-effect of being human. There is, of course, another side effect too. So, Captain, treasure this moment, because it doesn't happen too often.

I admit it. You were right.


Anonymous said…
Greetings from Central Connecticut, USA.

LOVE your blog! Have made you a regular part of my day because you're too funny, too refreshing to miss!
Faithy said…
Melbourne is probably Brother #1.
Anonymous said…
Is Brother#1 in Australia now? Nobody tells me anything...
pescbrico said…
It is fun to know how is reading our stuff I have to agree! :) I'm reading your from Qu├ębec :) It's just good to feel we are not alone while mom at home :)
Janine said…
HI there girlfriend!! Your bathroom is looking divine!!Hope all is well... Just got back from a few days in Toronto, visiting family, and becoming Copic certified!!
Heather said…
So she thinks no one is reading, huh?! I can't remember who's blog I was on where the link to you even came about, but I can certainly commiserate with you.
I'm a Canadian living in Montreal. Talk about the middle of nowhere- sheesh! You know the 'old grey mare' story? Well, there you go.
Besides, I was born in the Peg ;)
Then we lived in Saskatoon. Twice. We were lost then and clearly, we still are. Welcome to the group :)
We find our fun wherever we can!

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