Gosh, that was rather a long break. But you guys are used to it by now so I'll just go on like nothing happened.

A quick catch-up in pictures:

Firstborn recently had his track and field day at school. Like everyone else in this family, he has the most fun when he's sitting around on the sidelines.

RB has started getting himself his own snacks. I think I should get this kid playing tetris.

I joined Firstborn on his class field trip last week. We had a tour of Pioneer Village and then all the third graders were put to work. Now I know who to send out to the yard to stir up the compost pile.

RB had his first school bus ride on Monday. The school has organized a couple more for next week just so he gets the feel of riding the bus before he has to do it for real in September. If Monday's ride was any indication, I'm pretty sure I've been over-thinking this.

And finally, the Captain's garden is in! Before we know it, we'll be overrun with tomatoes, raspberries, and potato bugs. He likes to try something new out there every year so it's always fun to see what comes up. Our summers are now marked in my memory by whatever weird thing he planted that spring. I still have nightmares about the year of the exploding huckleberries...

That's it for now, but I'm anticipating lots more to come. Happy summer, everyone!


I'd hire Firstborn out to a local farmer just to make some money. Child labour laws be damned!
Granny Bob said…
Glad to see you got a little time to catch us up with your very busy life. Hope RB enjoys the bus, he looks happy! Did you get to help pitching sheaves? Garden looks beautiful and enjoy its bounty. Take care and give a call sometime when you get a break.
Unknown said…
Happy Summer! Very fun pics! :)
Tricky Nag said…
RB looks like he's on a fair ride! He's going to love September.
I look forward to updates on the garden!
Enjoy summer!!
Glenda said…
I was beginning to think you had moved on. It is so good to see you post again! The boys look great and the garden devine. I've been harvesting and canning beans. Squash and zuchinni are coming as well as tomatoes. Lots of heat and dry weather makes it hard on the garden. Hope you are able to post more often now...I've missed you and the boys!
Anonymous said…
Cute pictures...can't believe that summer is here already!
Dimple said…
An auspicious start! May the season go swimmingly!
Karen Whittal said…
Looks like everyone was having fun, that's what summer holidays are all about
We have to squeeze every last drop out of our summers, so go for it! Keep us posted on the crops!

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